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Make concrete changes in your life by getting to the root of the issue, releasing, healing and unlocking your potential.

Contact Mirtha for individual, couples or family coaching.

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State Approved Programs
Certification Programs
This is the LAST TIME this course will be taught.
Transformational Life Coaching (begins April 27th & 27th, 2024). *Space is Limited*

These unique programs offer a thorough hands on learning environment where you can experience and practice skills as you learn them. You will be able to watch elegant demonstrations of the material being taught as well as being able to receive one-on-one feedback from the instructors to enhance your learning process. 

Blue Lotus Training and Consulting provides the most optimal learning environment to enhance the learning experience for students.

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What people are saying about their experience with Mirtha Solis

Transformation Testimonials


"My time as a student of Mirtha's has been life changing.  She teaches the material in a way that accommodates many learning styles, and gives the student an opportunity to really absorb and experience the lessons.  I highly recommend her courses to anyone who wants to learn and/or transform!"

Molly R.
stephanie smith2ppt.jpg

I was a student of Mirtha's for The Therapeutic Coaching certification program. The students took turns working on issues so we could see different techniques. Mirtha has the ability to ask the right questions. It is often a journey where neither of you know the destination but because of Mirtha's skills, you end up exactly where you are supposed to be.

Stephanie S.

"This is the Best course I have even Taken!!! Changed my entire life in the most powerful and positive way!! Thank you Mirtha! Life Changing.

Cassie C.
carrie b.jpg

I was referred to Mirtha through a close friend at a time when I was depressed and feeling "stuck" in life. After my first session with Mirtha, I went from sitting and feeling withdrawn to actually standing up and seeing the world with a new perspectiive and endless possiblities! It was amazing! I felt and saw the hope I had been missing! I've continued to work with Mirtha, and my life has changed in ways I couldn't have imagined! I am currently taking her Transformational Life Coaching program and I am excited to see where this journey takes me!

Carrie B.
kim n.jpg

Mirtha is super sensitive to make sure we are understanding what is presented, that we are not overwhelmed, and able to stretch each of us to be able to glean as much as we can both during classes and afterward. Mirtha has this incredible way of providing a safe environment, connecting with all participants throughout the classes, meeting us where we are at, and empowering us as we learn. I have taken a handful of classes over time and did some one on one work with her. I highly recommend her.

Kim N.
jill s.jpg

Mirtha is an amazing coach, mentor, and person. Her methods are highly effective. She brings integrity and authenticity into everything she does. I would highly recommend Mirtha for coaching and/or training.

Jill S.
michelle r.jpg

If your wanting Transformation, Transparency, honest, heartfelt coaching and teaching, than Mirtha is the right teacher for you!

Michelle R.
kikki l..jpg

I did my training a long time ago. The course took place on the weekends and I looked forward to it! I made a number of friends. The training was fun while being in depth. The instructors were warm, inviting and super knowledgeable. Since then I have seen other programs, but they lack the deeper levels of wisdom where Meta can take you!

Kikki L.
hilary nett website.jpg
Mirtha is a truely unique individual, passionate about what she does and very skilled as well.
Hilary N.
steve thomas.png

5 Stars!

Steve T.

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